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Re: can't get native charset codes from mule menu

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: can't get native charset codes from mule menu
Date: 07 Oct 2002 12:40:22 +0800
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>>>>> "K" == Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:

K> In article <address@hidden>, Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:
>> No. I felt bad because anything in
>> menu-bar -> options -> mule -> list-charset-chars
>> will just show you the emacs internal codes.

K> If you simply select `big5' instead of `chinese-big5-1/2',
K> you can see Big5 native code.  Why is that not enough?

Huh, I don't see "big5", just the latter:
2 lines matching "big" in buffer *Help*.
     30:152(98) chinese-big5-1                  98 XX XX        2 94 0
     31:153(99) chinese-big5-2                  99 XX XX        2 94 1

>> Therefore I want an additional tree:
>> menu-bar -> options -> mule -> list-charset-chars-with-their-native-codes
>> or something like that, because:

K> For that to work, it should accept only indirectly supported
K> charsets such as cpXXX, big5, viscii.  Otherwise, Emacs
K> don't know which native charsets a user is expecting.
K> Then, the menu
K> should be ...-> mule -> list-indirectly-supported-charset-chars.

K> But, if we provide this menu:
...-> mule -> list-charset-chars
K> and make it also accepts big5, isn't it enough?

oh, I see this hasn't been added yet.  OK, but you must somehow
separate the two flavors of output makers in the list... 

>> 1. don't most folks want to see a list with the native codes and not
>> emacs special codes?  But the menu just has the latter and not the
>> former.
>> 2. Isn't it weird that M-x list-charset-chars will show you native
>> codes whereas the menu item of the same name shows you emacs codes?

K> You are misunderstanding what the current menu does.

>> Oh, the menu item is in fact "List Character Sets", but sounds close
>> enough, and there is no alternative on the menu to get you native
>> codes.

K> As I wrote before, in the current code, the menu "List
K> Character Sets" (i.e. M-x list-character-sets) shows also
K> From there, you can click on `big5' to get a native code
K> list.

Oh, I'm still using emacs-version"21.2.1" so I don't see that I guess.

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