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possible source of GUD toolbar icons

From: Dave Love
Subject: possible source of GUD toolbar icons
Date: 11 Oct 2002 18:19:53 +0100
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I had the Cygnus Tcl-ish GUI for GDB fire up on me and noticed its
toolbar icons, which might be useful for Emacs.  (Debugging is one
area where the toolbar might actually be worthwhile.)

If they originate from Cygnus, presumably the images are covered by a
blanket assignment, though I'm surprised they're GIFs.  They seem to
originate from gdb/gdbtk/library/images{,2} in the `insight' tarball
from sources.redhat.com.

If you want to check provenance, the maintainers are listed as:

gdbtk (c & tcl)         Jim Ingham              jingham@apple.com
                        Fernando Nasser         fnasser@redhat.com
                        Keith Seitz             keiths@redhat.com

FYI only -- I'm not interested in working on this.

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