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Suggestion. Sorry to disturb you :-)

From: Niels Larsen
Subject: Suggestion. Sorry to disturb you :-)
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 10:25:09 +0200

Dear sir.

A general problem/bug is, that we end-user cannot find out how to use e.g. 
Therefore a suggestion only :-) *smile*

I suggest you to make a level 1 manual (I call it). Then all the rest out 
there in linux cyberspace will be level 2 - 5 according to complexity.

If you want ordinary end-user to use linux, make the manuals simple, short 
and lots of examples.

Just, so that we at least can begin using the individual programs (and linux).
I mean. Ordinary end-user are not able, or simply do not want to, read all 
this huge amounts of informations, which exist.

I mean, short manuals, with very short, and clear instructions, nothing 
fancy. Use ordinary words.

Let a complete newbee sit next to a linux expert, and then just let him 
explain, so even my 62 years old sister will understand. And then writing 
Just the most simple things.
 E.g. take emacs. Just a very short manual, which explains, also with 
examples, how to write a simple letter, saving it into a file, and so on. 

Then the person later on can begin working inside emacs, and use all the 
sophisticated things.

I am just advocating, for a complete new concept of linux manuals, using a 
complete different pedagogic approach, to learning how to use linux.

Otherwise it will take a very long time, getting ordinary people started 
using linux.

I am just a grass root, trying to spread the word around.

For the time being, linux seem to be made for programmers and experts!!

Please do not reply to me, just think about it?  *smiling - positive - 

Kind regards

ps: For the time being, I am trying to learn emacs. All kind or informations 
are scrolling past my eyes, but I have not yet found out, about the overall 
picture of using it. It is important for me, at least, to know how things 
works. I cannot find my way around the help system? But I know from 
experience, that I i some months will know more. *still - smiling*

Signature: If you are afraid to die, please note, that you just end up same 
place you were, 10 months before you were born. And than wasn't that bad?

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