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Re: Bulgarian language environment

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: Bulgarian language environment
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 22:39:43 +0200
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Dave Love wrote:
> Ognyan Kulev writes:
> Phonetic input method is the dominant in Bulgaria, but BDS
> (Bulgarian Country Standard keyboard layout) is important too.  BDS
> is much more suited for fast typing and some people love it very
> much.

I guess you will have to sign a copyright assignment paper for that to
be included in Emacs.  I can change the default input method.  It is
currently cyrillic-translit-bulgarian, because that existed in Emacs
20 -- for Bulgarian when it's included.

I got a positive answer from copyright-clerk@fsf.org that my assignment is delivered (finally).

 > As a bulgarian there are two points of interest:

 > 1. Using windows-1251 for loading and storing files/buffers.
 > 2. Using both bulgarian phonetic and bulgarian standard input
 >    methods.

Sure.  [That's easy for languages generally, given tables for the
charset and input methods as Unicode.]

 >     (Probably as different language environments as i've done.)

It isn't normal to provide environments for different input methods,
but I don't think there's a good (obvious) way for users to customize
language input methods.  (Probably Custom could put something on the
appropriate hook).

Here are URLs for reference:

There are no reported problems with bulgarian.el since then.

Ognyan Kulev <ogi@fmi.uni-sofia.bg>, "\"Programmer\""

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