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Re: comint-run can't send signals to subjob

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: comint-run can't send signals to subjob
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 10:09:11 -0500

    when running a programme in comint-run it will not accept any signals
    from this buffer, 

I am not sure what it means to "accept signals from a buffer".  But
rather than explain it, please send a precise test case.  That will
show us more precisely than any amount of description.

Please read the Bugs section in the Emacs manual, which provides
guidelines on how to write a bug report to give us the
necessary information so we can fix the bug.

    In file included from /usr/openwin/include/X11/Xos.h:79,
                     from xfaces.c:279:
    /usr/include/strings.h:25: conflicting types for `memmove'
    /usr/include/iso/string_iso.h:62: previous declaration of `memmove'
    /usr/include/strings.h:26: parse error before `0'
    /usr/include/strings.h:26: warning: conflicting types for built-in function 

Would you please try the latest pretest and see if it compiles?  If it
does not, I hope you will tell us what change is needed to make it
compile.  Only a Solaris user can tell us how to fix this problem.

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