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Re: M-x version command

From: John Paul Wallington
Subject: Re: M-x version command
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 14:08:40 +0000
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Harry Putnam <hgp@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Invoking M-x version leaves no way to conviently copy that
> information.
> It doesn't show up in *Messages* buffer either.
> In the past one could review it there.

When called interactively, `version' (an alias for `emacs-version')
will use `message' to display its output (causing it to show up in the
*Messages* buffer) in both the RC branch (that will be 21.3) and HEAD.

Does `emacs-version' in 21.2 have this snippet at the end?

    (if here 
        (insert version-string)
      (if (interactive-p)
          (message "%s" version-string)

John Paul Wallington

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