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Re: Emacs 21 hangs in vm if scroll-margin=5 and Emacs.LineSpacing=1

From: Wolfgang Dobler
Subject: Re: Emacs 21 hangs in vm if scroll-margin=5 and Emacs.LineSpacing=1
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 11:40:08 +0100

 > When Emacs is looping, the way to debug it and get some useful
 > information is with a symbolic debugger.  The file etc/DEBUG
 > gives advice on what info you should look for and how to get it.

OK, I'll try this the next time. I am not sure it will be very useful,
though, since all I got to see with
  gdb>  attach <pid>
  gdb>  backtrace
were some assembly addresses with no variable or subroutine names
whatsoever. The Emacs21 binary I am using (SuSE Linux) is stripped.
  Of course, this was probably just to naive, and I'll have to read

 > Can you tell us precisely what to type so as to get into this
 > situation?  With that info someone could debug it.

The trouble is: I cannot reproduce this any more. Apparently, I have
deleted from my VM buffer some mails that were crucial for the whole
thing to go wrong.

I have now re-instated the (setq scroll-margin 5), so I suppose I will
encounter the problem again, but it doesn't look like it is easy to
reproduce ny somebody else. 
  Which looks like I'll have to do part of the debugging myself, or at
least collect all the information I can. Should I re-compile a
non-stripped executable of Emacs (I'd prefer to avoid that)?  

W o l f g a n g

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