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emacs is killing me

From: jeconopouly
Subject: emacs is killing me
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 19:22:36 -0500

Sometimes, infrequently (like 1 in 300), when I click the "Buffers"
button emacs crashes my whole computer!
It blue screens me!  I'm running the precompiled emacs 21.2 for windows,
on windows NT 4.0, and I have
a bunch of modules installed like JDE.  I have occasional other less
severe problems with the "Buffers" button
- like it will sometimes (1 in 10) come up all garbled, with rectangular
blocks or klingon style characters instead
of the normal text.  Everything else apears to work fine all the time.

Is this a known problem?  I can't function without emacs... but today
I've blue screened twice.  I'm forced to work
on this crappy windows NT, does anyone have any ideas?

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