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Bug with AucTeX and Lesstif

From: arthur.chereau
Subject: Bug with AucTeX and Lesstif
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 17:43:00 +0100


When using the latest auctex with the latest emacs from cvs compiled with 
Lesstif, I
noticed the following problem:
(it also appeared with older versions)

- Install emacs with --with-x-toolkit=motif and auctex
- Open emacs with a latex file:
   $ emacs test.tex
- Be sure you will see what will be printed after this command
- C-c C-c --> LaTeX (if you need to compile the file)
- C-c C-c --> View (this is what makes the bug reproducible)
- Let xdvi start
- Select a menu in emacs ("File" for instance)
- The menu pops up and the following message appears after the "$ emacs 
test.tex" command:
    Name: File
    Class: XmCascadeButton
    RowColumn.c(3589):_XmMenuFocus() - XmMENU_FOCUS_SET
    trying to set without a save, I'll save for you

- you can't use the keyboard
- you can't use the mouse in the emacs window (and the menu will not dispear if 
click outside)
- if you move the emacs window, the menu will stay where it is
- the only thing you can do is select another menu (Command for instance)


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