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Re: message-dont-send docstring non fulfilling

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: message-dont-send docstring non fulfilling
Date: 26 Nov 2002 05:34:27 +0800
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       C-c C-d runs the command message-dont-send
       Don't send the message you have been editing.

RMS> In what mode is that command on C-c C-d?
RMS> That is not the case in Mail mode--it uses
RMS> this command only for a menu item.

Upon sending a message, it disappeared from the screen as usual, but I
did not hear the KaChunk from the hard disk as I do usually.  So I dug
around for the message buffer, still around, hmmm, and did C-h l to
see what I had typed.  It said I had typed C-c C-d instead of the
usual C-c C-c.   So to learn more about what C-c C-d had done to my
message and what state it was in now, I did C-h k C-c C-d, but did not
think adequate info was provided there to feel confident about how to
proceed.  (Apparently one just continues on editing and sends with C-c
C-c from that point.) 

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