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Contribution to Emacs/Leim 21.2

From: Alexander Pohoyda
Subject: Contribution to Emacs/Leim 21.2
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 21:58:04 +0100 (CET)

Hi there, guys!

Input method named cyrillic-ukrainian is hardly ever used, because it
does not contain all ukrainian symbols. It contains, however, some
symbols that are not in Ukrainian alphabet. This is wrong, and I would
like to fix this, but I have never even heard about such a keyboard

Also, I have added a new input method based on cyrillic-jcuken. I
called it cyrillic-jcuken-ukrainian. Quite trivial changes, in fact.
I am sure that many users may benefit from it, because that's what
people have printed on their keyboards in Ukraine.
That's what XFree86 XKB and Ms Windows have.

Please consider the attached patches. I gzipped them because they are
in iso-2022-7bit encoding.

Many thanks in advance!
Please inform me if the patch is going to be accepted. 

Alexander Pohoyda

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