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Must swap mouse buttons 2 and 3 on MacOS X

From: David C.
Subject: Must swap mouse buttons 2 and 3 on MacOS X
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 19:19:26 -0500
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I'm using Emacs version 21.3.50 on MacOS X.  (emacs-version) returns:

        "GNU Emacs (powerpc-apple-darwin6.3)
         of 2002-12-20 on phantom.local."

I am using a Microsoft Wheel Mouse. When I click the center button (the wheel), Emacs gets <mouse-3>. When I click the right button, Emacs gets <mouse-2>.

On other systems (X11 and Windows), it is the opposite - clicking the wheel generates <mouse-2> and clicking the right button generates <mouse-3>.

I think this is a bug in the MacOS X port. If this is not considered a bug by the developers, could someone either provide an option for swapping mouse-2 and mouse-3 or explain why such an option should not be implemented.

Thanks in advance.

-- David

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