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syntax highlighting problems when using strings

From: Kjller
Subject: syntax highlighting problems when using strings
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 15:58:25 -0800 (PST)

Hello Emacs-people

I have experienced problems when dealing with string
in c++-mode (the problem might exist in other modes as
well, but I haven't tested). 

The following string (I replaced the text, but not the
characters that might cause the problem) make the
following many lines higlighted as string.
"bla blajlka a alkjalk af lakjfla sdlk alkfajlajf
aslkkjsal aslfkjaslkjsdflkkjajoiejfoiv\
f s sdlfj \"sflka\" ljalk flksdlksd f \
lsd dfslk\'t sdflkjsdflkjfsd sdflkdfs\
sflkjsdflk salkdfj sdfl sdflkj d\
asflkjsdf klsdfj sdfklj lksdfj lksfj fs"

It seems that Emacs doesn't deal properly with
multiline shift in highlighting. The problem occurs
when you make a " to start a string and the rest of
the buffer gets highligted as text (wich is OK) and
then ends the string. The syntax highlighting isn't
always updated at once and sometimes never. I have
experienced the same problem with /* */ commenting.

Yours sincerely
Daniel Kjøller Skovenborg

P.S.: Emacs will always be better than vi, no matter
how many bugs it has (but fix them anyway).

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