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bash is better at shell command choices than emacs

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: bash is better at shell command choices than emacs
Date: 12 Jan 2003 19:11:04 +0800
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I type apt-<TAB> [In a shell window]
Possible completions are:
apt-cache                          apt-cdrom
apt-config                         apt-extracttemplates
apt-file                           apt-ftparchive
apt-get                            apt-setup
apt-show-source                    apt-show-versions
apt-sortpkgs                       apt-zip-inst

OK, what is more easy on the eye trying to follow alphabetical order,
reading across or down?  Down for me.  Of course one then must
consider window size and issue output in chunks.  Anyway bash does a
better job,
apt-cache             apt-file              apt-show-source       apt-zip-list
apt-cdrom             apt-ftparchive        apt-show-versions     
apt-config            apt-get               apt-sortpkgs          
apt-extracttemplates  apt-setup             apt-zip-inst     

except, [try p<TAB>] it's --More-- bars cut the list into non
continuous vertical chunks... ok, boring, never mind.  
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