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Re: Gnus crash

From: Eduardo Muñoz
Subject: Re: Gnus crash
Date: 13 Jan 2003 18:34:26 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.2

ShengHuo ZHU <address@hidden> writes:
> I can not reproduce the bug in my GNU/Linux box. Probably it is
> related to displaying Korean fonts in MS Windows.  Could you somehow
> post a backtrace of the exception?

This is what MSVC++ debugger tells me.
I don't know if it will be helpfull.

------ Call Stack --------------
> NTDLL! 77f9f9df()
  EMACS! 0109ec8b()
  EMACS! 0109ebf0()
  EMACS! 0109d037()
  EMACS! 0109ec7d()
  EMACS! 0109f5ed()
  EMACS! 0109ad0d()
  EMACS! 0109fa6c()
  EMACS! 0109f6c4()
  EMACS! 0109ad0d()
  EMACS! 0109fa6c()
  EMACS! 0109f6c4()
  EMACS! 0109ad0d()
  EMACS! 0109fa6c()
  EMACS! 0109f6c4()
  EMACS! 0109ad0d()
  EMACS! 0109fa6c()
  EMACS! 0109f6c4()
  EMACS! 0109ad0d()
  EMACS! 0109fa6c()
  EMACS! 0109f6c4()
  EMACS! 0109ad0d()
  EMACS! 0109fa6c()
  EMACS! 0109f6c4()
  EMACS! 0109a59d()
  EMACS! 01015636()
  EMACS! 0100def2()
  EMACS! 0109ddff()
  EMACS! 0100d39b()
  EMACS! 0100d33c()
  EMACS! 010e0b73()
  KERNEL32! 77e87903()

------ Registers ---------------
  EAX = 00000000 EBX = 0082F5AE ECX = 0082FFB0 EDX = 0218007A ESI = 0FFFFFFF 
EDI = 0165796F
  EIP = 77F9F9DF ESP = 0082F54C EBP = 0082F5F8 EFL = 00000246
  MM0 = 00D500D400D300D2 MM1 = 00DD00DC00DB00DA MM2 = 00C500C400C300C2 MM3 = 
00CD00CC00CB00CA MM4 = FF00000000000000
  MM5 = 0000000000000000 MM6 = F7A55E4000000000 MM7 = 0000000000000000
  XMM0 = 00190018001700160015001400130012 XMM1 = 
00210020001F001E001D001C001B001A XMM2 = 00290028002700260025002400230022
  XMM3 = 00310030002F002E002D002C002B002A XMM4 = 
00390038003700360035003400330032 XMM5 = 00410040003F003E003D003C003B003A
  XMM6 = 00490048004700460045004400430042 XMM7 = 
  CS = 001B DS = 0023 ES = 0023 SS = 0023 FS = 0038 GS = 0000 OV=0 UP=0 EI=1 
PL=0 ZR=1 AC=0 PE=1 CY=0
  XMM00 = +1.74490E-039 XMM01 = +1.92857E-039 XMM02 = +2.11225E-039 XMM03 = 
  XMM10 = +2.47959E-039 XMM11 = +2.66327E-039 XMM12 = +2.84694E-039 XMM13 = 
  XMM20 = +3.21429E-039 XMM21 = +3.39796E-039 XMM22 = +3.58164E-039 XMM23 = 
  XMM30 = +3.94899E-039 XMM31 = +4.13266E-039 XMM32 = +4.31633E-039 XMM33 = 
  XMM40 = +4.68368E-039 XMM41 = +4.86735E-039 XMM42 = +5.05103E-039 XMM43 = 
  XMM50 = +5.41838E-039 XMM51 = +5.60205E-039 XMM52 = +5.78572E-039 XMM53 = 
  XMM60 = +6.15307E-039 XMM61 = +6.33674E-039 XMM62 = +6.52042E-039 XMM63 = 
  XMM70 = +6.88777E-039 XMM71 = +7.07144E-039 XMM72 = +7.25511E-039 XMM73 = 
+7.43879E-039 MXCSR = 00001F80
  ST0 = +0.00000000000000000e+0000 ST1 = +0.00000000000000000e+0000 ST2 = 
  ST3 = +0.00000000000000000e+0000 ST4 = +2.55000000000000000e+0002 ST5 = 
  ST6 = +2.07740496000000000e+0009 ST7 = +0.00000000000000000e+0000
  CTRL = 027F STAT = 0120 TAGS = FFFF EIP = 0100AD68
  CS = 001B DS = 0023 EDO = 0082F504

------ Disassembly -------------
  77F9F9CD   cmp         dword ptr [ebp-24h],0
  77F9F9D1   je          77F9F9DB
  77F9F9D3   push        dword ptr [ebp-24h]
  77F9F9D6   call        77F8F9D1
  77F9F9DB   ret
  77F9F9DC   ret         4
> 77F9F9DF   int         3
  77F9F9E0   ret
  77F9F9E1   int         3
  77F9F9E2   ret
  77F9F9E3   mov         eax,dword ptr [esp+4]
  77F9F9E7   int         3
  77F9F9E8   ret         4
  77F9F9EB   mov         eax,dword ptr [ebp-14h]
  77F9F9EE   mov         eax,dword ptr [eax]
  77F9F9F0   mov         eax,dword ptr [eax]
  77F9F9F2   mov         dword ptr [ebp-280h],eax
  77F9F9F8   push        1
  77F9F9FA   pop         eax
  77F9F9FB   ret
  77F9F9FC   mov         esp,dword ptr [ebp-18h]
  77F9F9FF   mov         esi,dword ptr [ebp-280h]
  77F9FA05   or          dword ptr [ebp-4],0FFFFFFFFh
  77F9FA09   xor         ebx,ebx
  77F9FA0B   jmp         77F98213
  77F9FA10   mov         eax,fs:[00000018]
  77F9FA16   mov         byte ptr [eax+0F74h],bl
  77F9FA1C   mov         eax,esi
  77F9FA1E   jmp         77F98277
  77F9FA23   mov         eax,200h
  77F9FA28   mov         byte ptr [ebp-19h],0Ah
  77F9FA2C   jmp         77F9822A
  77F9FA31   mov         dword ptr [ebp-27Ch],40010006h
  77F9FA3B   mov         dword ptr [ebp-274h],ebx
  77F9FA41   mov         dword ptr [ebp-26Ch],2
  77F9FA4B   mov         dword ptr [ebp-278h],ebx
  77F9FA51   movzx       eax,word ptr [ebp-228h]
  77F9FA58   inc         eax
  77F9FA59   mov         dword ptr [ebp-268h],eax
  77F9FA5F   mov         eax,dword ptr [ebp-224h]
  77F9FA65   mov         dword ptr [ebp-264h],eax
  77F9FA6B   lea         eax,[ebp-27Ch]
  77F9FA71   push        eax
  77F9FA72   call        77FB0360
  77F9FA77   mov         eax,fs:[00000018]
  77F9FA7D   mov         byte ptr [eax+0F74h],bl
  77F9FA83   xor         eax,eax
  77F9FA85   jmp         77F98277
  77F9FA8A   push        1
  77F9FA8C   call        77F9F9E3
  77F9FA91   xor         ecx,ecx
  77F9FA93   jmp         77F98269
  77F9FA98   push        ebp
  77F9FA99   mov         ebp,esp
  77F9FA9B   sub         esp,258h
  77F9FAA1   lea         eax,[ebp+0Ch]
  77F9FAA4   push        eax
  77F9FAA5   lea         eax,[ebp-258h]
  77F9FAAB   push        dword ptr [ebp+8]


Eduardo Muñoz

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