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List Your Biz Op Ad For Free!! - bizFuel.net (ignore)

From: nospam
Subject: List Your Biz Op Ad For Free!! - bizFuel.net (ignore)
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:27:10 GMT

Tired of trying to get top rankings on the major search engines?
Can't get listed on Yahoo!? MSN?  AltaVista?  Even Google??
Try bizFuel.net!!  It's FREE FREE FREE!!
bizFuel.net is an easy to use Internet Directory/Search Engine ONLY for the
Business Opportunity marketplace.  You don't have to compete for ranking
positions with the millions of other websites on the Internet.
Promoting a MLM program?  How about EMM?  Need to get the word out about
your traffic generating program?  bizFuel.net has a category to fit your
Register and post your ad for FREE!!  Don't wait - DO IT NOW!!

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