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displaying images

From: Greg Hill
Subject: displaying images
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 18:40:53 -0800

I used a utility program (convert, from the ImageMagick package, on a gnu-linux system) to create copies of a jpeg file in different sizes. I display them like this:

     (insert-image (create-image "rms50.jpeg") (point))

Using another utility program (display, from the same package) the pictures all look right. The files also all seem to be of appropriate sizes.

    1259 Jan 30 18:42 rms10.jpeg
    4420 Jan 30 18:49 rms25.jpeg
  12833 Jan 30 18:49 rms50.jpeg
  13345 Jan 30 18:53 rms51.jpeg
  25729 Jan 30 18:49 rms75.jpeg
  39173 Jan 30 18:49 rms100.jpeg

The 10%, 25%, 51%, 75% and 100% scale image display properly using create-image and insert-image as shown above. But the 50% scale image image displays the same size as the 100% image.

The 50%, 51% and 100% jpeg files are attached.


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