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view-mode rolls out red carpet for non existent files

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: view-mode rolls out red carpet for non existent files
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 09:44:28 +0800
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Fellas, give it a whirl,
$ mkdir a&& touch a/b&& emacs a& sleep 1&& /bin/rm -r a
Now in emacs hit v, which will view the non existent file b.
There is a message about creating non existing directories, but that
is quickly covered up by view mode helpful instructions.

I much rather like what happens if we instead hit RET. We are rightly
beeped at.

I mean OK, I could pardon find-file if it went and got me a blank
buffer. Who knows, I might be the type who likes editing files first
and making their directories later!? But what is the meaning of
opening a buffer to view a non-existent file.  Is that some kind of
longhair concept from the 60's?
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