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Inconsistency with repeat-complex-command and transient-mark-mode

From: Stefan Daschek
Subject: Inconsistency with repeat-complex-command and transient-mark-mode
Date: 14 Mar 2003 23:44:21 +0100
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There are several commands which behave differently in
transient-mark-mode when the mark is active. Now what happens when I
try to repeat one of these commands with repeat-complex-command?

Well, it seems there are 2 different things that may happen, according
to which command was used. I give an example for each behaviour (this
is what C-x ESC ESC shows after calling that command while the mark
was active):

(keep-lines "foo")
(query-replace "foo" "bar" nil 180 195)

As you see, the values of region-beginning and region-end are sort of
"hardcoded" in the second case. This means that trying to
consecutively apply a command to different regions with C-x ESC ESC
works with keep-lines but does not work with query-replace.

I consider this behaviour rather confusing and suggest a change so
that query-replace (and query-replace-regexp) act like keep-lines in
this regard.


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