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BUG: etags segfaults

From: Daniel Bergström
Subject: BUG: etags segfaults
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 17:52:30 +0100
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In Emacs 21.3 the etags utility seg. faults. To recreate the error you need to do the following steps:

   * create a file named t.erl and add the following two lines:


   * Then we execute the etags command:

       etags -o TAGS t.erl

This results in a segfault and a core dumped. The reason to the segfault was that in the routine erlang_attribute() it calculates the length of the string between ( and ) to be -1. The if statement only checks if the value isn't 0 to continue working with the string, while it should only continue if its a possitive value greather then 0.

The patch attached should correct this problem.


--- emacs-21.3/lib-src/etags.c.org      Wed Mar 26 17:08:34 2003
+++ emacs-21.3/lib-src/etags.c  Wed Mar 26 17:09:43 2003
@@ -4969,7 +4969,7 @@
          pos = skip_spaces (s + pos) - s;
          len = erlang_atom (s, pos);
-         if (len != 0)
+         if (len > 0)
            pfnote (savenstr (& s[pos], len), TRUE,
                    s, pos + len, lineno, linecharno);

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