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Risestar Promotions

From: Risestar
Subject: Risestar Promotions
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 16:48:01 -0400

Metal and Hard Rock Promotion
Our Services
- Own Profesional Promotional Kits Elaboration (Including audio CD and Case)
- Active Participation in FM Radio stations and Online Radios
- Articles and reviews in important international magazines
- Articles and reviews in the most important webzines of each country
- Participation in television programs, through video clips
- Contacts with record labels for eventual inclusion in compilations and possible contracts
- Constant interviews programming by telephone and E-MAIL
- Virtual Web Hosting of 5 MB for alternative pages
- Management in fan clubs creation in different countries of the world
Promotion in 54 Countries Around the World in: Europe, Asia, Southamerica, Northamerica
and Oceania
* All since US$ 430
For more information visit: www.risestar.cl or send your questions to: address@hidden
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