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not in history because I didn't personally type it in

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: not in history because I didn't personally type it in
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 15:46:15 +0800
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Ah, pleasant indeed when M-x man prompts you from context around point:
$ emacs
n i c e <escape> x m a n <return> <return>

But, unpleasant indeed when you want to do it again, and that entry
didn't wind up on the history list because you didn't type it personally in:
SPC n o s e <escape> x m a n <return> <escape> p

I mean isn't it rather picky that the man pages I can reinvoke are
only the ones personally typed in.  Emacs isn't looking at things from
the point of the user.  Yes, "check the buffer list, the page is
already there".  But that crimps my style.

Likewise, it would be nice if M-x compile would put a false "make -k"
into (its?) history list, that way we could use ESC p to get back to
it even if we from the start used other compile commands.
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