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the Rolls Royce of pagers

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: the Rolls Royce of pagers
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 05:08:34 +0800
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Gentlemen, we were discussing how the mighty emacs can't do things
when more(1) can.  I have found some more.

$ echo A|emacs -nw
$ echo A|emacs -nw /dev/stdin
$ echo A|emacs -nw -
all give emacs: standard input is not a tty
$ echo A|emacs
$ echo A|emacs /dev/stdin
don't do much
$ echo A|emacs -
Option `-' is ambiguous

Yes, emacs was not perhaps designed to do these, but instead of
hemming and hawing, it could perhaps do something more acrobatic, just
in case one's supervisor is watching.

Maybe emacs should turn on View mode and become a expensive pager for
that buffer.

OK, maybe catering to these would mess up some general cases, so never
mind, over and out.
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