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Re: add-change-log-entry and add-log-mailing-address

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: add-change-log-entry and add-log-mailing-address
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 11:05:35 +0200

   My next of kin has a web page but no email address. Now what?

Then the person can't send patches, thus cannot create an ChangeLog
entry.  So your point is quite useless.

   Hmm, I bet if we check the logs, 20 years ago you guys were
   defending putting telephone numbers while we were pushing email

You have a twisted sense of history if you think that.  Just take a
peek at the ChangeLog's for Emacs they date back to around 1988,
before that UUCP was used I think.

   Anyway, I'm all about choice. So, I was just humbly mentioning that
   the subject of "what to do if I want my web page's address there
   instead of (or even in addition to) my email address" should be
   mentioned in the docs.

Put it in the AUTHORS file or put it in your signature, it just does
not belong in the ChangeLog.

   And, lets say I went on a sudden vacation.  With just my email
   address, you would mail into a black hole.  With my web page
   address, you could wistfully enjoy my pages until I got back.

What guarantee do I have that you will update your web page? None.  So
I would be wasting my time watching your lovely web pages, when
instead I could be hacking (and waiting at the same time for your

   Or, let's say I want to ask a VIP a FAQ. Would I want to display my
   inadeptness so early in the game by emailing him?  No, I would go
   to the FAQ page right there on his web page.

If you can visit the web, you can also use a search engine.  Which
tends to be even faster than what you suggest.

   Anyways, the docs should mention what to do, in case it is a better
   solution for some users.  I mean the docs shouldn't just assume
   that all users want email addresses instead of webpages.

ChangeLog's is not a document, it is an history log.

   How about users like "IBM".  Would IBM like folks to know a email
   address instead of a webpage?

What users like "IBM"? A single developer from IBM? I would rather
have his/hers email than wade through the web maze.  Or even worse, I
would find an "public relations" email address!

   How about users unable to come to grips with spam, and are paranoid
   about leaving email addresses around, or switch regularly, but on the
   other hand have a healthy web page... the docs should mention what to
   do in their case.

If you are that paranoid, maybe you should talk to the Emacs doctor,
he may help you.  And what about those lovely spam harvesters that
harvest address on web pages?  Even more spam for the paranoid folks!

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