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Re: decriminalize C-k in read-only buffers!

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: decriminalize C-k in read-only buffers!
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 06:09:19 +0800
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>>>>> "D" == David Kastrup <dak@gnu.org> writes:

D> Dan Jacobson <jidanni@dman.ddts.net> writes:
>> "C-k runs the command kill-line ... If the buffer is read-only, Emacs
>> will beep and refrain from deleting the line, but put the line in the
>> kill ring anyway.  This means that you can use this command to copy
>> text from a read-only buffer."
>> OK, but what if we're bored with S/M and want to turn the little
>> tingle off?  (You see, mother has wired the bell to electrodes on my
>> head to teach me proper computing and not wake her up.)

D> [...]

>> Maybe we should just push for a variable to decriminalize [no
>> flashing] C-k when the buffer is readonly. With maybe a  message, in
>> the minibuffer, if the user prefers.

D> kill-read-only-ok's value is nil

D> *Non-nil means don't signal an error for killing read-only text.

Oh great. Why don't they document it when one does C-h k C-k?  That
way we wouldn't have wasted all this time and coding as you can see in
previous messages.  Looking in Info "Other Kill Commands"

     You can use kill commands in read-only buffers.  They don't actually
  change the buffer, and they beep to warn you of that, but they do copy
  the text you tried to kill into the kill ring, so you can yank it into
  other buffers.  Most of the kill commands move point across the text
  they copy in this way, so that successive kill commands build up a
  single kill ring entry as usual.

we of course see no mention of it either.  Oh look, it is mentioned in
"Deletion and Killing".

I just did C-h k C-w and see we are told to accept the beep and no
remedy is mentioned too...

Anyways, the emacs documenter was clearly sleeping on the job, talking
about beeps but not talking how to turn them off when there is a way
just for that purpose... causing me to appear clumsy and pompous yet again! 
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