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Re: view-read-only causes read-write

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: view-read-only causes read-write
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:17:03 +0800
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K> No.  You don't understand that the variable is read to indicate to the user
K> that view mode is on, and that the view-mode function is used to invoke the
K> mode.

Ok, whatever.  I thought

>> view-read-only's docstring: "*Non-nil means buffers visiting files
>> read-only, do it in view mode." (P.S. I assume the "*" means
>> "Chef's choice".)

meant that if we set it to t, then when we visit read-only buffers, we
will visit them in view mode.

No wonder. I thought the English in the docstring sounded a little
funny, but assumed that it was written by one of those developers with
international flair.

Ok, maybe the docstring could be beefed up to reveal its actual pu 

>> OK, but what about read-only buffers not visiting files? Obviously
>> you are over affecting those and at the same time not mentioning them.

K> M-x pick-nit

Well, you seem to say I had a minor point instead of being totally
wrong.  Therefore that minor point should be cleaned up at the same
time, whatever it was.

>> P.S. I am no lisp pro but above I had to use an "(and ...)" or else
>> only one sexp was used, without any warning to the user.

K> Of course.  Symbolic expressions are well-defined: (function arg
K> ...).  In order to evaluate multiple sexps in sequence, use (progn
K> ...) or multiple --eval command line options.

Ok, then can't we sting the user with an error message like that then?
Are we rude to at least inform them that there is crud at the end of
their $ emacs -eval sequence that will not get eval'ed, or will they
snap back "of course, I put that there on purpose!" (what propose?)
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