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alert user the NEWS file has changed

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: alert user the NEWS file has changed
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 05:56:17 +0800
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>> There should be a device to make sure the user knows the NEWS file
>> has changed, saving a timestamp in his .emacs.

Eli> That device is simply `t': NEWS _always_ changes in _every_ Emacs
Eli> release.  After unpacking the tarball, one should always read NEWS,
Eli> even before you build Emacs (since NEWS sometimes mentions new build
Eli> options).

We are innocent users who don't know the administrator has freshened
emacs.  Or we are debian users who have done "apt-get upgrade" and
freshened 100s of packages...

Hmmm, I bet if I make the NEWS file one of the mailboxes tracked by
gnus, that would be an interesting way of being aware if it changed...

Wait, those 100s of packages also have their own change notes,
therefore why should emacs' be a special case that we want to read
more than the others?

Ok, never mind.
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