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Re: repeat vs. zap-to-char

From: Johan Bockgård
Subject: Re: repeat vs. zap-to-char
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 08:33:49 +0200
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Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:

> C-x z runs the command repeat
> to repeat
> ESC z runs the command zap-to-char
> when my luck ran out as one has to tell it again and again to zap the
> same character.
> Yes, repeat takes an argument, but still...

C-x ESC ESC runs the command repeat-complex-command

Edit and re-evaluate last complex command, or ARGth from last.
A complex command is one which used the minibuffer. [...]

The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably the
day they start making vacuum cleaners. -- Ernst Jan Plugge

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