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Re: emacs too big for knoppix?

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: emacs too big for knoppix?
Date: 05 May 2003 06:29:15 -0400

address@hidden writes:

   B> My KNOPPIX "home edition" is 698MB, including RealPlayer8,
   B> 3D designer, and virus scanner--- these are all commercial
   B> but free download software, not included on the "public
   B> edition" CD ISO.

   Obviously the young man has his priorities in the wrong place.

perhaps someone will write 3d-designer.el et al...

to attempt to turn this thread into somewhat of a bug report: as i
munge on emacs for vms, and thinking back on efforts to dynamically
link shared object libraries, i wonder if two new elisp-visible
PEEK and POKE (to use the dread basic terminology) instructions for
direct memory access might be useful for implementing emacs the
linker.  surely someone can write a semantic bovinator compatible
parser for GNU ld linker scripts; from that, we bootstrap into
wrapping libelf (on ELF systems); from that, emacs can runtime ffi
anything (even easier if headers are also available)...


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