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file-symlink-p in NTEmacs 21.3

From: Dr Francis J. Wright
Subject: file-symlink-p in NTEmacs 21.3
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 14:44:20 +0100

The original version is a built-in function.  According to (elisp) Magic
File Names, it should support magic file name handlers, but it does not seem
to.  Below is my attempt to fix this in Lisp, which seems to work.  I have a
Lisp library that provides support for Windows shortcut files as symlinks,
and to do that in general I use a magic file name handler, so I need
file-symlink-p to support magic file name handlers.

(defadvice file-symlink-p (around file-symlink-p-advice activate compile)
   (let ((handler (find-file-name-handler filename 'file-symlink-p)))
     (if handler
         (funcall handler 'file-symlink-p filename)

I suspect that this problem is specific to NTEmacs and that in NTEmacs this
function always returns nil, although I have not looked at the C code.


Dr Francis J. Wright
School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary
University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, UK
Tel: 020 7882 5453 (direct);  Fax: 020 8981 9587 (dept.)
address@hidden;  http://centaur.maths.qmul.ac.uk/

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