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can't unjumble foreign buffer

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: can't unjumble foreign buffer
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 07:07:28 +0800
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I do find-file on a file that is unicode text (.txt), and I want to
unjumble before my eyes.  The only thing on the menus that might be
appropriate is 'set coding system' but that is greyed-out.

I do then instead Set Language Environment, but that instead affects
all buffers.  And one doesn't see Unicode there.

OK, I put it into mozilla and selected Unicode and can read it.

My point is your menus don't have a intuitive way for the user to do
Mozilla's "View --> Character coding"

Admit it, one looks and looks and the best one can guess is that what
we want is in ..Mule...Set coding system, maybe. But it is greyed-out.

The user can't find what he wants from the face of it.
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