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Letter from Tenders Board (Urgent)

Subject: Letter from Tenders Board (Urgent)
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 12:22:07 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sir, 

I am Engr. Victor Chigoziem with the Engineering Stores
Department of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and 
member of Tenders Board. We have urgent need for a trustworthy foreign contact 
person with whom we can carry out a successful business deal.
Federal Government has voted the sum of US$1.86 Billion for Local 
Production of food crops. The Government has also considered the impact 
of the importation of some food items like Rice, Beans, Frozen Chicken 
and Turkeys and other food stuffs on the Nations Foreign Reserve and 
have banned the importation of the items that could be produced locally. As a  
result, the ederal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been 
mandated to import Agricultural Equipments for supply to Local Farmers both at 
SUBSISTENT AND COMMERCIAL level to encourage them to produce enough food items 
for local consumption and for export to other African Countries. We have 
already started
awarding new contracts for supply of the equipments to successful bidders.
We want you to submit to us immediately your complete company name, 
address, your name as President or Managing Director / CEO of the 
company, our banking particulars:- (banks name address, telephone, fax 
and telex numbers.
Your receiving number, swift and routing numbers), with 
these informations, we can get you properly registered as one of the 
contractors of FMANR who has already been awarded part of this contract for the 
sum of US$113.4 Million to supply some of the Agricultural Equipments parts of 
which we already have in
our custody (stores). 

After receiving the above needed and stated information from you, we 
will process all the documentation and submit them for immediate 
approvals  and the Federal Government will pay 25% of US$113.4 
Million into your nominated bank account in the name of your company as the 
beneficiary, which is US$28.35M . In no time, the remaining
US$85,050,000.00 Million shall be paid as balance payment or we together in 
agreement as partners will use another foreign firm's name that will carry out 
the supply of the remaining equipments as a sub-contractor to you in our 
documentation to receive 
this balance payment. 

We shall come to your country immediately this fund is in your account 
to share the US$28.35 Million. The sharing pattern should be negotiated 
by both parties concerned.
However, be rest assured that no risk is involved or any scandal in the
future, for we have done all our homework very well, nobody will be hurt during 
and after this transaction. It 
may also please you to know that all the GOODS that cover the 25% payment are 
on record, only us that are key members of the contract board committee has 
this knowledge and information.
There is the serious need to keep this transaction secret and very
confidential. To that effect, I would require your private phone and fax 
numbers for easy and confidential communication. 

I await your immediate response to this Proposal. Meanwhile, I look 
forward to establishing life long business relationship with you. 

The nature of your company or business does not necessarily have to be 
Agriculturally related but ownership of a company is a criterium for 
the project, please contact me through my personal email address 
(address@hidden) or (address@hidden). 

Best regards, 
Engr. Victor

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