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bug in ls-lisp-insert-directory

From: Emilio Lopes
Subject: bug in ls-lisp-insert-directory
Date: 18 May 2003 22:50:19 +0200
User-agent: Emacs Gnus


GNU Emacs 21.3.1 (i386-msvc-nt4.0.1381) of 2003-03-28 on buffy

[That's NT Emacs]

I've found a bug in the above mentioned function: when
inserting the contents of a whole directory, such as when
invoked by `dired', this function respects the switch "-F"
(classify file). But when listing a single file, e.g. when
invoked by `dired-do-redisplay', this switch is ignored.

I've discovered this problem by typing "l"
(`dired-do-redisplay') twice in a row in a dired buffer with
the cursor on an executable file (`dired-listing-switches'
must of course contain "-F"). The bug occurs only when using
the lisp version of `insert-directory', not when using an
external `ls' program.

Here is a fixed version of `ls-lisp-insert-directory'.
Because the changes are small, I decided to send the whole
function definition rather than a diff against a non-CVS
version of the file. The changes are concentrated around the
end of the defun, near the comment "classify switch".
Essentially I've just added a call to `ls-lisp-classify'.

Please cc any replies to me, as I'm currently not subscribed
to this list.


2003-05-16  Emilio C. Lopes  <address@hidden>

        * ls-lisp.el (ls-lisp-insert-directory): respect the "-F" switch
          when listing a single file.

(defun ls-lisp-insert-directory
  (file switches time-index wildcard full-directory-p)
  "Insert directory listing for FILE, formatted according to SWITCHES.
Leaves point after the inserted text.  This is an internal function
optionally called by the `ls-lisp.el' version of `insert-directory'.
It is called recursively if the -R switch is used.
SWITCHES is a *list* of characters.  TIME-INDEX is the time index into
file-attributes according to SWITCHES.  WILDCARD is nil or an *Emacs
regexp*.  FULL-DIRECTORY-P means file is a directory and SWITCHES does
not contain `d', so that a full listing is expected."
  ;; Sometimes we get ".../foo*/" as FILE.  While the shell and
  ;; `ls' don't mind, we certainly do, because it makes us think
  ;; there is no wildcard, only a directory name.
  (if (and ls-lisp-support-shell-wildcards
           (string-match "[[?*]" file))
        (or (not (eq (aref file (1- (length file))) ?/))
            (setq file (substring file 0 (1- (length file)))))
        (setq wildcard t)))
  (if (or wildcard full-directory-p)
      (let* ((dir (file-name-as-directory file))
             (default-directory dir)    ; so that file-attributes works
              (directory-files-and-attributes dir nil wildcard t))
             (now (current-time))
             (sum 0)
             ;; do all bindings here for speed
             total-line files elt short file-size fil attr)
        (cond ((memq ?A switches)
               (setq file-alist
                     (ls-lisp-delete-matching "^\\.\\.?$" file-alist)))
              ((not (memq ?a switches))
               ;; if neither -A  nor -a, flush . files
               (setq file-alist
                     (ls-lisp-delete-matching "^\\." file-alist))))
        (setq file-alist
              (ls-lisp-handle-switches file-alist switches))
        (if (memq ?C switches)          ; column (-C) format
            (ls-lisp-column-format file-alist)
          (setq total-line (cons (point) (car-safe file-alist)))
          (setq files file-alist)
          (while files                  ; long (-l) format
            (setq elt (car files)
                  files (cdr files)
                  short (car elt)
                  attr (cdr elt)
                  file-size (nth 7 attr))
            (and attr
                 (setq sum (+ file-size
                              ;; Even if neither SUM nor file's size
                              ;; overflow, their sum could.
                              (if (or (< sum (- 134217727 file-size))
                                      (floatp sum)
                                      (floatp file-size))
                                (float sum))))
                 (insert (ls-lisp-format short attr file-size
                                         switches time-index now))))
          ;; Insert total size of all files:
            (goto-char (car total-line))
            (or (cdr total-line)
                ;; Shell says ``No match'' if no files match
                ;; the wildcard; let's say something similar.
                (insert "(No match)\n"))
            (insert (format "total %.0f\n" (fceiling (/ sum 1024.0))))))
        (if (memq ?R switches)
            ;; List the contents of all directories recursively.
            ;; cadr of each element of `file-alist' is t for
            ;; directory, string (name linked to) for symbolic
            ;; link, or nil.
            (while file-alist
              (setq elt (car file-alist)
                    file-alist (cdr file-alist))
              (when (and (eq (cadr elt) t) ; directory
                         (not (string-match "\\`\\.\\.?\\'" (car elt))))
                (setq elt (expand-file-name (car elt) dir))
                (insert "\n" elt ":\n")
                 elt switches time-index wildcard full-directory-p)))))
    ;; If not full-directory-p, FILE *must not* end in /, as
    ;; file-attributes will not recognize a symlink to a directory,
    ;; so must make it a relative filename as ls does:
    (if (eq (aref file (1- (length file))) ?/)
        (setq file (substring file 0 -1)))
    (let ((fattr (file-attributes file)))
      (if fattr
            (if (memq ?F switches)      ; classify switch
                (let (filedata)
                  (setq filedata (ls-lisp-classify (cons file fattr)))
                  (setq file (car filedata))))
            (insert (ls-lisp-format file fattr (nth 7 fattr)
                                    switches time-index (current-time))))
        (message "%s: doesn't exist or is inaccessible" file)
        (ding) (sit-for 2)))))

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