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Re: cl-extra not loaded

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: cl-extra not loaded
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 10:30:22 -0600
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Ken Evans wrote:

I use a version of eserve.el for Sun's Workshop (supplied by Sun).
This file has a require 'cl statement.  With this version of Emacs the
function cl-builtin-gethash is apparently not defined when eserve is
run.  The error message is:

Error during eserve msg evaluation (void-variable cl-builtin-gethash)

As the message says, it is a variable reference, not a function call.

It looks like cl.el sets cl-extra (where cl-builtin-gethash is
defined) to be autoloaded, but the lisp in that routine is beyond my
abilities.  In any event it does not get loaded in 21.3.2 when eserve
is run.  It did get loaded in 20.3.2.

cl.el arranges for the cl-gethash function to be autoloaded.  Perhaps it
should arrange for the cl-builtin-gethash variable (and the other
cl-builtin-*hash variables defined in cl-extra.el, for compatibility with
code byte-compiled by Emacs-20) to be autoloaded as well.

I can solve the problem by explicitly loading it in .emacs but doing
this is a kludge.

BTW (require 'cl-extra) doesn't work for this.  I need (load
"cl-extra").  I get an error saying it wasn't loaded, though it
appears to be.  I am not a elisp expert.

That's because cl-extra.el does not provide the cl-extra feature.  Should it?

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