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Re: bad coloring in shell script mode

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: bad coloring in shell script mode
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 04:26:54 +0800
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Joe> This line
Joe>     grep "<<$SF>>" $HOME/.todo/$TODOLIST > $HOME/p
Joe> causes everything after it to be in Sh Heredoc Face....

For me, the first line ruins everything after it too, so I had to add
one space, spoiling my Spartan image.
test "x$1" = x--help && { cat<<\EOF; exit;}
test "x$1" = x--help && { cat<<\EOF ; exit;}
By the way, are we sure the 'here document' should be specially
colored?  Often I do su proxy <<\EndofEverything for 90% of a script.
OK, and if you're gonna same-color the whole script, then remember to
make the $vars and `backquote commands` otherly colored, unless one
has used <<\ and not <<.
By the way, two wrongs make a right, so I can turn the different
colors back on in that 90% with
false && { cat<<\EOF; exit;}
colors off here
su ${wwwoffle_user?} <<\EOeverything
colors back on here, good.
Indeed, one can even comment that su line and it still works.

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