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Re: Advising forward-char not working properly

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: Advising forward-char not working properly
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 09:36:53 +0200
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>>>>> "RS" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

            When I advise the function forward-char or backward-char,
        the advice is not invoked if the function is called via its key

    RS> These functions are executed directly in many cases.

It's quite suspicious to me why invoking a command through `C-f' behaves
differently than calling it via `M-x forward-char'.  I'm not saying it's
a bug, but I wish Emacs were less mysterious :-|.
    RS> Advising built-in functions does not generally work.

If it is technically difficult to ensure full extensibility including
built-in functions, I can understand it, but it should be clearly
documented.  The only occurrence of the word `built' I could find in the
Elisp manual section about advising is

   - User Option: ad-default-compilation-action


       A value of `like-original' specifies to compile
       the advice if the original definition of the advised function is
       compiled or a built-in function.

suggesting that there's no problem with advising built-in functions.


Milan Zamazal

It's amazing how much better you feel once you've given up hope.
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