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Virus Alert

From: interscan
Subject: Virus Alert
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 21:57:07 +0900

The e-mail you sent to address@hidden is likely to have been
infected by a computer virus(WORM_SOBIG.E).
As such the attached file(your_details.zip) was deleted
and only the e-mail's main text was sent to the addressee.
(Mail server : miracle.advantest.co.jp)

--- The message translated into Japanese begins from here. ---
あなたが address@hidden 宛に送信したメールはウィルス(WORM_SOBIG.E)
は削除し、本文のみ送信いたしました(メールサーバ miracle.advantest.co.jp)。
--- The message translated into Japanese ends here. ----------

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