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ffap.el vs. offline user

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: ffap.el vs. offline user
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 06:51:53 +0800
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Using ffap, I put the cursor on ipwhois.rfc-ignorant.org and do C-x
C-f. In *Messages*, we see
Pinging ipwhois.rfc-ignorant.org (Non-profit Organization)...
byte-code: ipwhois.rfc-ignorant.org/discard Temporary failure in name resolution
along with the punishing flash for doing something wrong.

Why of course, I am offline. I want it to act like I had the cursor on
http://ipwhois.rfc-ignorant.org which will register a request via
http_proxy to wwwoffle to fetch next time I dialup.

Looking in ffap.el for anything about "off line" users, we find none
and tinker with perhpas (set-variable (quote ffap-machine-p-local) (quote 
no help there either.

So add some advice to the docs, and CC me too.

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