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dired-view-file,quit-window, but with mouse

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: dired-view-file,quit-window, but with mouse
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 08:52:14 +0800
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RMS> Sorry, I don't understand this.  What do you mean by "get back"?
#include get_back.midi (Beatles?) to distract you while I change the subject

As a big fan of hitting v in dired to view files, and then hitting q
to dispose of the file and get back to dired, I was wondering how In
dired, one could accomplish this v ... q ... v ... q habit, but with
only the mouse, and without digging in menus.

The only thing conveniently clickable currently is 
but that's not in view mode.

Another problem is what mouse taps will the user do in view mode to
emulate SPC and q, to scroll and quit view mode.

All should allow the user to view, scroll up and down, and quit
viewing, with just one hand on the mouse, and the other hand say, disabled.
No fair reaching for the keyboard.

Check what other parts of your typical emacs day have 'barriers
to accessibility' to a one mouse, no keyboard person.

Start with just readonly operations.  Worry about text entry later.

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