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allow modifying completions in M-x man

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: allow modifying completions in M-x man
Date: 14 Jul 2003 07:43:18 +0800
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Using rTAB in M-x man formail
Possible completions are:
binmail(1)                         mail(1)
procmail(1)                        sed(1)
sendmail(8)                        sh(1)
OK, but lets say i hit pTAB
getting procmail(1)
and then I edit the end of that to become procmailex
I should be allow to hit RET here to see the procmailex man page even
if it isn't a choice.

P.S. gmane.emacs.bugs is broken on gmane.org, so CC me else I won't
see any reply.

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