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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 07:39:43 +0100

I am Miss Jane Hall , the daughter of late Sir Hall Richardson, the 
white Zimbabwean wine and cattle farmer.
I got you contact courtesy of a business journal from the South African 
Information exchange, here in Johannesburg. During the war waged against the 
farmers in Zimbabwe by the supporters and cohorts of President Robert Mugabe to 
claim all the  white owned farms in our country, my late father's big farms 
were among those 
Targeted by the ZANU-PF armed group. In the course of the revolution in 
Zimbabwe, the ZANU-PF armed group attacked and invaded my father’s farms, 
burning, destroying and eventually killing him. After my father’s death last 
year, I managed to escape the boundaries of Zimbabwe into South Africa, because 
my life was threatened and Zimbabwe was no longer safe for me.
I escaped safely into South Africa with my Father’s lifetime fortune of 
US$25m (Twenty Five million, US dollars) cash, bonds, important documents of 
property title and other valuables as he instructed to do before he died.
The money and valuables were concealed and secured in two treasure 
Boxes, and were transported to Johannesburg through  diplomatic means.
The boxes are currently safely secured in the vaults of a private 
Security and brokerage firm here in Johannesburg. Presently, I am residing 
temporarily in Johannesburg pending the outcome of an appeal filed on my behalf 
by my attorney for the Department of  Home Affairs to grant us political 
asylum. I am in a dilemma on how to move this money safely out of South Africa 
for investments. Moreover due to South Africa’s government’s stringent monetary 
policies/regulations and the sensitive and volatile political status of the 
region, it would be most dangerous to attempt investments here as such act 
could jeopardize my  chances. In recognition of your personal executive powers 
and investment opportunities that abound in your country, I solicit for your 
assistance  in  moving this money out of Africa. I will also like to use this 
money for investment in your country, you will guide all my future investment 
in your country and it will be   operated on partnership level. You will be 
getting 25% of the total investment capital moved to your count!
ry, as your share for assistance and the balance will be plugged into the 
investment projects. Upon receipt of your indication of interest to go into 
co-operation with, we will open up discussion on the best ways to invest in 

Awaiting your soonest response by return to this email address (address@hidden)

Miss Jane  Hall 

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