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Re: [BUG] emacs cygwin compile.el next-error fails with Ant

From: Joe Buehler
Subject: Re: [BUG] emacs cygwin compile.el next-error fails with Ant
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 10:05:34 -0400
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Mark Evenson wrote:

/^[A-Z]:/ {
command = "tr \\\\\\\\\ / | xargs cygpath "; printf "%s", $1 | command; close(command); for (i = 2; i < NF; i++) {
        printf " %s", $i;
      printf "\n";


I think I see now why you said that my posted command would not work.
The problem is that I have not yet fixed emacs to recognize drive letters.
The workaround is to use the /cygdrive/DRIVELETTER syntax.

So try something like this:

ant whatever 2>&1 | sed 's=\\=/=g;s=\([a-zA-Z]\):/=/cygdrive/\1/=g;s/\r//g'


1. changes \ to /
2. changes X:/ to /cygdrive/X/
3. removes carriage returns

I saw you used some GNU sed feature for 3, so correct it if I got it wrong.
I don't think it's portable to other platforms so I never use it.
Joe Buehler

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