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Please help with syntax highlighting display

From: Soe Linn
Subject: Please help with syntax highlighting display
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 09:13:59 -0400

I am a comp: sci: student and i log onto the school solaris cluster account to do my projects using PuTTY Telnet from my windows machine...I have modified my .emacs file to display the colors that i like on the Sun SPARC workstations on campus and it works fine....

However, i want to see some color display in my PuTTY telnet window also when I am using GNU Emacs, NOT XEmacs....The best i could come up with is turning on the font-lock-mode and see the syntax in grayscale mode with some of the syntax underlined and bolded....

I really do remember that I have got the colors to display the PuTTY terminal window once when one of my friends did something and I can't remember what he did....But I ran into another problem again with the Solaris workstations at the school after I get the syntax highlighting workingn in my PuTTY telnet on my Microsoft Windows because the syntax highlighting would not come up on the Sun machines anymore....

I've been trying all kinds of things to get the syntax highlighting in my PuTTY telnet window... I've already tried setting the XTERM on my Solaris account to these and they didn't work... alias color setenv TERM xterm-color <--- that's what some websites suggested to do and change the .cshrc file to call "color" at startup alias regular setenv TERM vt100 <--- this is to reset it to normal when the "color" does not work

Here are the version of the softwares.
       GNU Emacs   --->  20.6.1

OS Info....(according to "uname" command)
       Hardward Implementation --- SUNW, Untra-250
       Machine Hardware Class    --- sun4u
       Processor Type               --- sparc
       System Release Level       --- 5.7
       OS Name                       --- SunOS
       OS Version                    --- Generic_106541-19

The strange thing is that when I log onto a Linux host using PuTTY, I don't even need to do special things to get the syntax highlighting displayed....it comes up automically....

So, what do I do to get syntax highlighting available in my PuTTY Telnet window when i log onto Solaris host ???

Soe L. Tun

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