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Six Dollar Classifieds, 3 months, 2 photos

From: John Ramsay
Subject: Six Dollar Classifieds, 3 months, 2 photos
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 00:29:13 GMT

Free Browsing!
We are in the "BETA" stage so all ads are 
free until October 1st, 2003
Here's how it works: For only $6.00 you get a three-month ad run time. You can 
enter an ad with two photos or you can make the ad to sell two things with each 
picture showing each item. After you sell one (or both) you can do it again 
(for free) by editing the ad description and replacing the photos. You can do 
this as many times as you want for the duration of the three months. After 
three months you can renew the ad time for just $6.00! You can also set up 
"Items Wanted" filters 
like, (1964 Ford Mustang), in your account to have the site "look" for the item 
for you. If anyone puts an ad with your "Wanted Item" keywords like, (1964 Ford 
Mustang), You get an email with a link to the ad!You can also make free Signs" 
and Flyers" with your ads photo to print at home!


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