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Get $5 for Paypal Referrals

From: MoneyMan
Subject: Get $5 for Paypal Referrals
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 01:07:53 -0700

PayPal is very safe and it´s easy to use, and......
you can make an income from $5 to $500 in 4 - 6 weeks!

It´s up to you.

By using a simple secure internet account called Paypal
that takes only seconds to join and seconds to get you
started instead of the time and effort it takes to send it
by post. JOIN Paypal at:


This is my referral URL, you will get a similar one of
your own once you have successfully signed up at paypal.
For each person signing up using this URL I will get $5
deposited to my account.

I'm being honest here. The same would go for you as well.
Once you have got your referral URL replace this URL with
yours and any body signing up using that URL would mean
additional $5 added to your account.

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