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Re: Your details

From: XEmacs Webmaster
Subject: Re: Your details
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 09:22:14 -0400

Thank you for your email to address@hidden This is an
automatically generated message.  

While all messages are read by a human, we are unable to directly
respond to all mail sent to this address -- instead, we answer
messages that pertain to the xemacs.org web site or the XEmacs FAQ.
We will answer such messages, but there may be a delay as we are
staffed by volunteers.
If you're looking for general XEmacs help, please start with the
XEmacs web site, and especially the XEmacs FAQ:


The best forum for general XEmacs questions is the USENET newsgroup
`comp.emacs.xemacs' -- If you don't have USENET access, you can post
your message by sending it to address@hidden' which is a mail to
news gateway.
There is a searchable archive of this list available, which may prove
helpful in determining if other people have had similar problems:

Thank you, and good luck, 
  The XEmacs Web Team 

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