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Bill and Ken Hatton

From: Blair Doucette
Subject: Bill and Ken Hatton
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 16:29:27 -0700

The Truth from the Facts:

March 27 / 2002 was our first cycle in EMM in 4 months
we had grown to 7 cycles a month, not bad for a small $50.00 investment.

However in late July we joined Referralware in 6 months we
have grown to 8 cycles a day. This will continue to increase.

158 S 47,726 4 1/26/2003 7:26:23 PM 2/10/2003 $10.00 Pending 
53 G 14,433 4 1/26/2003 3:58:37 PM 2/10/2003 $50.00 Pending 
157 S 47,179 4 1/26/2003 2:32:29 PM 2/10/2003 $10.00 Pending 
156 S 46,946 4 1/26/2003 1:12:28 PM 2/10/2003 $10.00 Pending 
52 G 14,255 4 1/26/2003 12:40:15 PM 2/10/2003 $50.00 Pending 
155 S 46,315 4 1/26/2003 10:00:04 AM 2/10/2003 $10.00 Pending 
51 G 14,107 4 1/26/2003 9:51:15 AM 2/10/2003 $50.00 Pending 
154 S 46,032 4 1/26/2003 8:44:38 AM 2/10/2003 $10.00 Pending 

Before we joined Referralware

21 S 9,008 4 7/30/2002 10:02:54 AM 8/19/2002 $10.00 241465 
20 S 8,581 4 7/28/2002 8:23:11 AM 8/12/2002 $10.00 238025 
19 S 8,244 4 7/25/2002 1:48:46 AM 8/12/2002 $10.00 238025 
5 G 2,861 4 7/21/2002 4:47:49 AM 8/5/2002 $10.00 235046 
18 S 7,327 4 7/19/2002 6:20:13 AM 7/19/2002  $0.00 99 
17 S 6,626 4 7/11/2002 4:33:03 AM 7/29/2002 $10.00 232429 
16 S 6,474 4 7/7/2002 6:09:57 AM 7/22/2002 $10.00 230071 

Here is when we joined 
1 S 713 4 3/31/2002 10:19:21 PM 4/15/2002 $10.00 Pending 
1 G 202 4 3/27/2002 1:21:01 PM 3/27/2002  $0.00 99 

I have just shown you the Proof that Referralware works.

Now here is the Truth: 

Referralware will not work for you, unless you follow the system.

I personally don't want to developed long lasting Friendships, where
we have to have meetings, attend conference calls, force our 
Friends and Relatives to join against their will, with a company
that supplies a product that we don't need.

I on the other hand like the Idea of introducing people to a system
that produces Multiple Income Generation.

Where else can you start with a $10.00 Investment, work your
way up as your finances dictate, using a proven system, that
allows you to increase your Income as you GO.

Now here is what I want you to do:

In the next 24 hours invite 2 friends to look at the Referralware
System for FREE. You may have to pay $19.95 to reactivate
the full benefits of your site, but they will have 30 days to
examine the system. ( If you don't have the $19.95 but you
have a different email address and you want another 30 days
FREE just rejoin from your old site.)

Now that  you've joined EMM and upgrade to the Silver level a
cost of $10.00. You can do this from your freestore site just login 
and go to back office.

Now I want you and your 2 Friends to examine, study
and make a logical decision based on fact as to whether
or not the system will work for you. Ask your 2 friends to
do the same, have them invite 2 people to examine the 
system within the next 24 hours

Here are the facts:

As you can see from the above, at the rate we are growing
eventually your Friends are going to hear about the system.

They will be asking you to join sometime in the future, when
they find out about it. You notice I said When not If.

How will you feel when this happens, do you want to be in
their business or do you want them in yours. 

I looked at the System twice before I realized what we really
had, I really kick myself now for not looking closer the First
time, but at least I had the sense to go back and take a 
Second look.

We work the System Actively, this means we send Emails
to the people that we have purchased from the Coop, the
main reason for the Emails, to awaken you to the fact
that the system works, and to get you to check it out.

Check out Cdi, 1.9 cent a minute long distance, even your 
Boss would like You if you could give them this.Cdi is planning 
on expanding early this eary to more countries

Concorde another income stream, in the very near Future
another International Income Stream could be added, who
cares what it is, it is just another Income producing Opportunity.

I really hope your starting to see the Big Picture, an 
Income Producing Machine that will only continue to grow
over Time.

You have to the chance at being part of this, 
the question is will you let it slip through your fingers, Again.

Log into the Live Help Desk, ask them questions, I have 
shown you the way, they will direct you and your people
in how to use the System. You don't have to explain 
anything, just point the way.

I hope this helps, Lets make your Live what it was meant
to be, don't let it happen a Third Time.

Do you have any Questions? Ask the Live Help Desk!

If you have not gotten a Referralware site yet either click on the link or 
copy and paste it in your browser

If you are not in referalware you need to be, here is the 
link if it does not work copy and paste it in your browser.
Thank you for time.

Your Partners
Bill & Ken Hatton

Ps: We have shown you only 1 of the Income streams EMM

This is another Defining Moment in Your Life, what are
You going to do with it?
Your Free Business Building System,
Is only 1 email away

Your Partners
Blair and Della Doucette

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