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This is an alert from eSafe Mail Linux(TLV)

From: tombrider
Subject: This is an alert from eSafe Mail Linux(TLV)
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 17:57:20 -0400

******************************* IMPORTANT ! **********************************
Dear Sir/ Madam,

The content of the email you sent us was found to contain hostile or malicious 
For protection, our eSafe Mail content security server has removed the malicious
content and the intended recipient has been informed of this action.

For your own safety, we suggest that you audit your computer/network for 
Below you can see our eSafe Mail content security server scanning result.

For more information on how the eSafe family of products can safeguard your
network against malicious, inappropriate and nonproductive content please
visit our website at:   http://www.eSafe.com

Aladdin Knowledge Systems - http://www.eAladdin.com

Time: 06 Sep 2003 23:56:14
Scan result: Mail rejected
Protocol: SMTP in
File Name\Mail Subject: mail_1062694236: Your details
Source: address@hidden
Destination: address@hidden
Details: your_details.pif  Msg #715 - The file your_details.pif is on the Known 
Vandal Files List.

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