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Custom Explorer Toolbar for your site!

From: BestToolbars.net
Subject: Custom Explorer Toolbar for your site!
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 03:16:01 +0700

Make your site visitors always see the link to your site in
their Explorer toolbar.

Custom Toolbars increase your
ability to market your site anywhere within
millions of Internet browsers and takes only seconds to install.

Features include:

- Branding with your logo
- Personal Buttons, Dynamic Buttons and Menus Items to Explorer Toolbar

- Custom Toolbar skin
- Rotating ads, news or events
- Pop-up blocker
- Automatic toolbar upgrade
- Zoom in/Out
- URL monitoring
- Automatic installation
- Update module. Checks for the latest updates of the toolbar and automatically update itself
- Menu item icons, animation
- Live News Feeds
- Web buttons, menus (can be any HTML format page)
- Client side properties
- Dynamic menu contents
- Search word highlighting
- Instant Message Broadcasting to Users
- PageRank and similar serverside integration

Custom Explorer Toolbar - 175$US 
Custom Explorer Toolbar with source code - 1700$US
Server side integration,
custom features with the plain rate of 20$US p/h for

You will get: complete istallation
package, XML customization instructions, technical support
online at 
http://www.besttoolbars.net/ie_toolbar/ Please feel free to contact me

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