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Re: describe-mode should first summarize all modes in effect

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: describe-mode should first summarize all modes in effect
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:10:46 -0600
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Dan Jacobson wrote:

> Indeed, emacs lacks a command to show concisely what all those mode
> abbreviations crammed in the modeline stand for.  There should be a
> function explain-modeline-modes, that puts them in the minibuffer.
> Kevin's function below could be enhanced to do that.
> Better yet, have describe-mode output Kevin's  list at the top of its
> output, before getting mired in detail.

I don't think that's necessary.  Everything is explained in the "Mode
Line" and "Minor Modes" sections of the Emacs manual.  And `C-h m'
already lists each minor mode indicator:

| The major mode is described first.
| For minor modes, see following pages.
| Emacs-Lisp mode:
| Major mode for editing Lisp code to run in Emacs.
| Eldoc minor mode (indicator ElDoc):
| *Enable or disable eldoc mode.

Kevin Rodgers

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